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Rebuilding the Granberg Lodge

For those who haven't heard, we believe the camp was vandalized in late October. Someone broke in, plugged up a sink upstairs and down, and flooded the Granberg Lodge. There were several inches of standing water downstairs and most of the upstairs was soaked, too. We are saddened at this wanton destruction and know that it is the opposite of the kind of peace that God desires.

As you might have guessed, this is going to impact DBCC's operations for several months. Our commercial kitchen (which we had just refloored) and our main meeting and eating spaces are now out of commission. The silver lining to this horrible tragedy is that we now have an opportunity to improve the Granberg Lodge even better than it was before. 

If you'd like to support Delano Bay Christian Camp through a donation of money, supplies, skilled labor, or some other way, please click the link below. We have already received $55,000.00 in generous donations from folks like you hoping that we will be able to bring something good even out of this dark time. 

PXL_20211117_172453074 (2).jpg

Delano Bay Christian Camp Projects

Delano Bay Christian Camp sits on a huge 9-acre property with 12 structures, several parking areas, and a road system. We also have beachfront, wooded areas, and a huge meadow. All of these assets require maintenance, upkeep, and funds. If you would like to support the camp by funding a project, volunteering as a laborer (skilled or unskilled), or by supporting through your congregation, please email us and let us know your plans! 

Recently Completed Projects



New Roof on Caretaker House

The caretaker house was in need of a new roof, and an extraordinarily generous anonymous donor made this project possible without any cost to the camp. Thank you! 


New Playground

The playground at Delano Bay Christian Camp provides a safe place for younger kids to play while their parents are at workdays or serving as staff members. Our playground was in need of replacement, and we were able to build an excellent replacement, thanks to the many rentals that took place in the last year! We'd like to continue to add to this project. Let us know if you'd like to support more play structures! 



Tree Removal

Two iconic trees next to the boys and girls quads were full of rot and becoming a problem for the structure of our buildings. Because of an anonymous donor, we were able to partner with a professional tree service to safely bring down these massive trees. We also had dozens of volunteers come out to three separate work parties to split and cut up the remaining wood. Thanks to everyone for help in this challenging project!


Camp Truck

Our last several caretakers have owned 4x4 trucks and have generously used them in their duties out at the camp. But the camp has been in need of a camp vehicle for a long time. Another anonymous donor generously provided $15,000 for the camp to purchase a vehicle. We are grateful and believe that the camp will be able to use this asset for many years in the future.

Truck Bed


If you or your congregation would like to support one of our many upcoming projects, please let us know! We also have opportunities for congregations to take a long-term interest in the camp by adopting buildings at the camp and committing to their improvement over a number of years. 

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