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History of DBCC

Delano Bay (Pronounced "DEL-uh-no") has a rich history, beginning as a dry dock in the south sound. This amazing resource was donated to the churches of the Pacific Northwest by Sam and Marlene Granberg and we've been hosting camps and retreats in order to encounter Jesus for over 40 years. 


Captain George Delano’s ship went aground and was lost near Neah Bay in 1887. While exploring the Puget Sound he selected a piece of shoreline to build a dry dock and begin ship work. He purchased what is now Delano Bay Christian Camp and much of the surrounding area. The building of the shipyard in Bremerton thwarted his plans and he and his wife Edith began farming. In 1892 they changed course again and completed a three-story hotel and twenty-four cabins. Delano Beach Resort opened and became a popular vacation destination. Sadly, in part due to the depression, the resort closed in 1942. The following year the land was leased to the Ollar family who continued renting cabins until the summer of 1976. When Sam and Marlene Granberg stood in this place, looking out over the waters of Carr Inlet in 1977, all that remained were a few old buildings with much of the grounds covered in brambles. Faithful servants of Christ and always seeking ways to serve the body of Christ, the Granberg’s purchased this land with a vision for summer youth camps. The purchase of the property was completed on March 15, 1978, and the Puget Sound area Churches of Christ began work immediately. The summer of 1979 saw the first two teen camp sessions.  Much has changed since then, the grounds have been cultivated, a lodge and dorms built, a new caretaker home in place, and over 40 years of summer camp sessions for thousands of children. The vision, service, and obedience of Sam and Marlene began this journey and with the faithful help of many, it continues today. May we who follow endeavor to uphold that vision of service and obedience to Christ our Lord. 

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