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Delano Bay Christian Camp Board of Directors

Becoming a Board Member

Board Members must be members in good standing with a local church of Christ.  Each congregation in the area may have up to two board members at one time.  In addition to other requirements, possible board members must be recommended by the elders of their congregation with a letter.

If you are interested in serving on our board or think you know someone who might be an asset for the board, please contact Thomas Morse ( or ask one of our board members about their service. 

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Our New Caretakers!

The Lewis family has served in ministry for the last decade. Chad and Shelley started as Foster Parents for a home for teenage boys in the Foster Care System. Though they fell in love with this ministry, when their daughter was born, Chad moved into youth ministry and then pulpit ministry. Chad has a background in plumbing and construction while Shelley currently works in Marketing & Operations.

We feel blessed and honored to have such committed servants serving our camp for the next few years.

The Lewis' began work in December 2021

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