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Granberg Kitchen Fundraiser


    We were blessed this last year with some extra funds which allowed us to begin to address some longstanding issues within our commercial kitchen in the Granberg Lodge. During these repairs, however, we discovered extensive damage caused by an unidentified leak in our roof. Our contractor addressed the leak and has closed up the holes that you see in the attached pictures. Unfortunately, the extensive damage needs repair before we can open the Granberg lodge for use this summer.

    Once we complete this work on our kitchen in early July, Delano plans to open our camp up for a High School Senior and Graduate Camp to celebrate our young people who have had so much taken from them over the past few months and bring them closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ. Additionally, this work will allow us to rent our facilities to the many groups that have already put deposits in for August.

     With the COVID-19 pandemic, stay at home order, and phased re-entry, we understand that our congregations might be suffering from a shortage of income. Delano, too, is experiencing shortages; because of the phased re-entry, we are unable to facilitate the camps that we normally would this summer. In addition to this emergency work, we are continuing to work towards putting new roofs on cabins, opening Bamboo this summer, and working with engineers and the state to bring Delano into compliance with Large On-Site Septic System regulations.

     There are three ways that you can get involved:

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