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Delano Bay 5k

What: Delano Bay 5K

Where: Puyallup Church of Christ

When: Saturday, May 11th, starting at 2PM

Why: Fundraiser to move power for septic system

Goal: Raise $12,000.

The power for the septic system at Delano is currently shared with one of the seaside cabins that at times has been underwater. As you can imagine, water and electricity do not mix. To make it much safer and ensure that the septic system stays up and running there is a need to separate the two.

The estimated cost for this project is $12,000 and the funds collected during this event will go toward making this project happen. It might seem like a large dollar amount to raise but if each of us collects some of the funds we know we can make this happen.

We can all understand the importance of the septic system being up and running so please register as a runner/walker and start getting sponsors today!

Delano Bay 5K.png
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