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Teen Spring Retreat 2024

7th-12th Grade

Director: Thomas Morse

Date: May 3 - 5

Price: free!

Drop Off:
6 pm at Delano
on May 3rd

Pick Up:
12 pm at Delano
On May 5th

Spring Retreat (1).png

Friday, May 3rd

Leaving the Familiar

Exile begins when you leave the home you know and face the unknown. Thankfully, we aren't alone.

Drop-off at 6 pm at Delano Bay Christian Camp

*Dinner provided

Saturday, May 4th

Working for the Man

Ancient kings brought people into exile as cheap, docile labor. The lower classes provided food for their armies, while the upper classes managed their households. Learn what it means to be in exile. 

Spring Work Day: 9am - 3pm

Sunday, May 5th

Hope for Return

Learn about the Jewish hope to return from Babylon and how the Prophets and Jesus think about our return to the land.

Worship at 11 am at Delano (families welcome)

Pick-up at 12 pm at Delano Bay Christian Camp

*Lunch not provided

Work Day
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