Teen Spring Retreat 2021

7th-12th Grade

Director: Jiwoo Ryu

Date: May 1st, 2021

Price: $20

Cancelled Due To COUNTY Phase

Drop Off:

9 am at Lakeview

(or 10 am at Delano)

Pick Up:

6 pm at Lakeview

(or 5 pm at delano)

Cancelled Due To COUNTY Phase

Spring Retreat Flyer 2021.png

Cancelled Due To COUNTY Phase


A Good Start

God rests from his work of creation on day seven. Come learn why rest is key to understanding creation and the creator.

Drop-off at 9 am at Lakeview

Or 10 am at Delano


Work and Rest

Our culture does not value rest. Our culture values productivity. Stopping and resting, playing and relaxing is for the lazy, right?


Lord of the Sabbath

Jesus' arrival changed everything. Campers will reflect on the work of Jesus and his invitation to rest in him. 

Pick-up at 6 pm at Lakeview

Or 5 pm at Delano Bay Christian Camp