The Young Teen Session 


Due to the COVID-19 Response Plan, all 2020 Summer Camps have been canceled this year. Learn more here.​

Entering the teen years offers kids with many challenges and opportunities.  At Delano Bay's Young Teen Session we want to partner with your camper and help them face the challenges head-on and make the most of the opportunities.  Many young people begin pulling away from their parents, churches, and families at this age.  The Young Teen Session offers a week with their peers, older teens, and mature Christians to help them express their fears and anxieties.  Campers learn that they are not alone in their journey and will encounter Christ along the narrow way if they seek him.  We will hike to Penrose State Park at the end of our week of study, praise, and fun.

YTS: 7th & 8th Grades

Director: James Mayo (

Dates: 2020 Camp Cancelled; 2021 Dates TBD
Price: Deposit = $75
Early Registration = $150

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