1st-3rd Grade Camp


Due to the COVID-19 Response Plan, all 2020 Summer Camps have been canceled this year. Learn more here.

All things have a beginning. We hope you'll consider Delano Bay Christian Camp's 1st-3rd Grade camp for your camper's first summer camp! This three-night camp focusses on setting a positive foundation for the future.  We want your camper to get used to coming out to Delano to encounter people acting like Jesus Christ. This will be accomplished through song, prayer, games, activities, and lots of fun! 

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Camp

Director: Jeb Bristow-Hanna (minister@ckcoc.org)

Dates: 2020 Camp Cancelled; 2021 Dates TBD
Price: Deposit = $30
Early Registration = $75

​Registration/Check-in Time:  
Pickup/Check-out Time: 

2 Step Early Bird Registration
Step 1: Register and pay online
Step 2: Pay online today or at check-in on 7/19



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​Registration/Check-in Time:  
Pickup/Check-out Time: 

Campergram: campergram@delanobay.org
If you or members of your congregation would like to send emails to campers, send them to campergram@delanobay.org

(253) 884-2966

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