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Teen Winter Retreat 2020

7th-12th Grade

Director: Josh Wilson

Dates: February 7th-9th

Early Bird Price: $40 (Late Registration = $55)

Registration/Check-in Time: 6 pm on Feb 7th

Pickup/Check-out Time: 12 pm on Feb 9th

2 Step Early Bird Registration:

Step 1: Register Online.

Step 2: Pay online with registration or at check-in


Who is Esther?

Who was this person and why does it matter to us? We'll kick our retreat off with some exciting activities and some helpful context.

Check-in at 6 pm.


What can Esther teach us?

We have an excellent encounter, some great classes, and some reflection time to help teach us about Esther. 


Where does Esther leave us?

How do we take the lessons that Esther bring to us and take them back to our homes, schools, and churches?

Check out at 12 pm.

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