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2022 DBCC Camp Cancellation

To our friends, family, and supporters of Delano Bay Christian Camp,

We have decided to cancel our sponsored camps for Summer 2022. Because of the complex requirements from Pierce County to bring the Granberg Lodge up to code, we have not yet been able to secure a permit to start the work. We believe that we will obtain that permit in the coming weeks, but it will still be several months before we complete the work and reopen the Granberg Lodge. We did not make this decision lightly; every board member wanted more than anything to make camp happen. But without a working kitchen, eating and meeting space, and the added complication of construction crews, vehicles, and materials moving into and out of the camp this summer, we decided that this was the most responsible course of action.


We know you have been praying about this fervently and we are sure that those prayers will be answered in ways we don’t expect. This summer, we are going to open-up the seaside cabins for rental and want to strongly encourage our campers, their families, and our staff to come out to Delano and enjoy the camp. We are currently developing a plan to still have our STS whitewater rafting trip and a celebratory dinner for graduating seniors. We will communicate more details about that soon.

If you have paid for camps or made a deposit, we are going to issue refunds on Monday, May 16th. If you would like to donate your deposit or camp fee to the camp, please let us know before then. If you would like to rent a seaside cabin (or two) please check out the calendar ( and let the caretakers know when you’d like to stay (

Please continue to pray for Delano Bay Christian Camp, and the many hundreds of people that support, attend, and manage this wonderful resource. We aren’t sure what this summer will look like, but we still exist to encounter the good news about Jesus the Christ to further his kingdom. We will still partner with God in this endeavor even without our normal camp sessions and we hope that you will join us, too.

For the King and his kingdom,

Until the King returns,


Delano Bay Christian Camp Board of Directors

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