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DBCC Summer Camps are a Go! 

We are going to have camps this summer. It’s going to be different! It’s going to be awesome! We have decided to have summer camps regardless of the status of the Granberg Lodge. This means that we might be cooking outside in a tent... we might be spending a lot of time outside! But we know that Delano Bay Christian Camp is a critical part of the ministry of the church in the Pacific Northwest, so we are committed to making it happen.


Because of the challenges of doing camp without the lodge, we have decided to host three camp sessions this summer. We will have more details and information in the future, but wanted families to block these times out on their calendars and begin to pray fervently for this undertaking. 

Spring Retreat 2024 - May 3rd-5th

DBCC Family Day 2024 - June 1st time TBD

STS (8th-12th Grade) - June 30th-July 5th

1st-3rd Grade Camp - July 7th-10th

YTS (4th-7th Grade) - July 21st-25th

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